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Ted Wilcox15:07:18

Wanted to share what I’ve learned from watching all the lovely speakers present on their respective areas of expertise. I’ve learned that AWS cloud services are superior to multi cloud environments, inclusion allows organizations to nurture growth and creativity and that observance is integral to developmental growth when processes become automated. Finding that incident management is a great tool for lessons learned discussions and that operational standards drive organizations to outperform in competitive markets. Keynote speakers such as Admiral Richardson, the IT team from Adidas, and other BOF speakers resonated with me, personally, in many different ways. Some items to implement in my own life are applying OKRs to routine check ins and diving deeper in our current migration processes for Azure Cloud. Actions to take are to formalize knowledge articles from incident management reports, create OKR templates to drive progression and strength the teams guiding core communication standards. Thank you all for your time. Cheers! 🍸

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Jim Moverley19:07:33

An awesome share Ted!! 😄 its funny you mention OKRs for personal life - I've wondered if it would help with parenting too!!! but soo on point with the items you've raised!

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