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Adrienne Shulman14:10:56

I sat down to write about everything I learned last week but I think I ended up writing a love letter instead. Feeling such an overwhelming sense of gratitude to have found this community and to have made so many new friends. Can't wait to continue our discussions virtually and to see you all again in person at the next one.

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Jim Moverley07:10:40

Beautiful post 🙂 thanks for sharing @ashulman

Adrienne Shulman12:10:37

Thanks @james.moverley! hope you're having a great week 🙂

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Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)16:10:45

@ashulman you should write more often.

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Adrienne Shulman18:10:13

@siddharth.pareek It's one of my personal goals this start writing!! I'm finding it harder than I expected to, but I also know when something hurts to do it more often. Hope to continue and keep writing... thanks for the encouragement.

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