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Steve Pereira - Visible Value Stream Consulting18:06:58

📢 Hey folks, I’d love to have your help collecting experience data on flow and value stream adoption! I’m helping collect data for this year’s State of Value Stream Management report - to get a clear picture of where our industry is with Value Stream Management. Are you firing on all cylinders? We want to hear from you! Stuck in the fog of jargon? We want to hear from you! Value Stream what?!?! We want to hear from you! This year the theme is Leading with Value and our research value stream has designed and curated the survey to help our community understand: • How VSM is being adopted and implemented cross-industry • What works and what gets in the way of VSM • What’s changed over the last three years of data The survey takes about fifteen minutes to complete and your voice would be so valuable. Even better, share it with your team and start a VSM conversation! The survey is here: Thank you so much for adding your voice!!! 🙏♥️

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I never know whether to take one of these surveys while consulting. I'm in and out of enterprise roles for half my career, consulting the other half. Presently consulting at a Fortune 50. Should I take the survey myself and/or encourage FTEs to do so?

Steve Pereira - Visible Value Stream Consulting12:08:01

Hi Paul sorry I missed the reply :melting_face: I run into that challenge too, I just share it and encourage FTEs to share their perspective. As an aside, the report should be out soon, I’ll share it here

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