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Jim Moverley17:11:47

There was a funny phrase that is soo true : IT Revolution books are like pokemon! gotta catch'em all ... anyway DALL-E let me here.. (NB hola if you want this removed)

Jim Moverley17:11:54

guess the titles ? 😄

Nick Eggleston12:11:39

Gamification is a great way to improve engagement. Keep bringing the fun :star-struck:

John Rauser00:12:51

This is really cool and inspired me to make my own cards for our customer personas. I can tell you that DALL-E is definitely a lot better at this than Midjourney!

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Jim Moverley07:12:05

Thanks @johnarauser 😄 The text isn't always so good.. however, DALL-E 3 is a vast improvement over v2 on this! 🙂 care to share a personna?! 🙂