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Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:12:00

Welcome, @dirk.lehmann here to present, "Paving the Road for 30,000+ Developers"

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Dirk Lehmann16:12:37

✌️ Hello everyone from Germany πŸ™‚ πŸ‘‹

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Vlad Ukis16:12:34

where are you?

Vlad Ukis16:12:37

I am in Nuremberg

Dirk Lehmann16:12:54

Close to the SAP HQ in Walldorf πŸ™‚

Vlad Ukis16:12:26

Ah, I see! Do you work at SAP?

Dirk Lehmann16:12:39

Yes, I do πŸ™‚

Mark Persiko16:12:24


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Vlad Ukis16:12:34

Tach πŸ™‚

Mark Persiko16:12:36

(sondern Guten Abend!)

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Vlad Ukis16:12:52

Where are you, Mark?

Vlad Ukis16:12:08

Ah, OK πŸ™‚

Mark Persiko16:12:36

πŸ™‚ Es freut mich, Deutsch zu ΓΌben.

Mark Persiko16:12:13

Ich werde euch auf LinkedIn folgen.

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Dirk Lehmann16:12:41

Next time, I cold give the same talk in german, with english subtitles. ;-)

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Vlad Ukis16:12:26

@dirk.lehmann Ja, wir hatten eine Γ€hnlche Story wie Du erzΓ€hlst :)

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Dirk Lehmann16:12:57

Ah cool πŸ™‚ Also creating a CI/CD internal dev platform?

Vlad Ukis16:12:55

yes, of course. Many companies do things like that these days.

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Mark Persiko17:12:25

We have a platform that is expanding in use, it's useful to compare notes with you both. Our product history at Dell ISG is also heterogenous, historic, and growing!

Dirk Lehmann17:12:47

Yes, that sounds great!

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Tim Solokha17:12:32

@dirk.lehmann Does this documentation for specific teams live in a developer portal that is accessible by all devs at SAP?

Dirk Lehmann17:12:01

@timsolokha Yes it is.

Tim Solokha17:12:43

What tool do you guys use for the dev portal?

Dirk Lehmann17:12:06

It's an inhouse development, which is very very similar to We evaluated Backstage, but had some demands, that it could not fit into.

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Tim Solokha17:12:34

Thanks for the answers πŸ™‚

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Mark Persiko17:12:48

Hi @dirk.lehmann, I'm curious what your requirements were that wasn't sufficient to meet?

Mark Persiko17:12:06

(The ones you can share, anyway!) πŸ˜„

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:12:00

Next up will be @m.clerklamalice, here to present: "Endless DevOps (and DataOps) for Data Ecosystems at National Bank of Canada"

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Mark Persiko17:12:43

"Point of Value" > "Proof of Concept"! πŸ”₯ Thanks, @m.clerklamalice


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Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:12:00

Let's welcome here to present with Sree Balakrishnan, "Travelopia – How to Get Machine Learning Right and Make Data Work Harder"

Simon Case18:12:39

Hi! Hello from the UK πŸ‘‹

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Dipesh Bhatia18:12:40 One question: How long before iteration#1 was claimed dead?

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair18:12:19

Thank you for presenting so late in the day in the UK, !!! And thank you for submitting this!

Simon Case18:12:33

It was several months @dipesh.m.bhatia

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Simon Case18:12:22

Thank you @genek I hope it is useful for everyone here!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair19:12:29

What was the biggest surprise in Iteration 2 for you?

Simon Case19:12:57

Great question. I don't think having users involved at the start was a surprise. We knew that would make a difference.

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair19:12:08

(Sorry β€”Β the fact that users weren't involved was a surprise, or that it made a difference, or __? Just want to make sure I understand! πŸ˜† )

Simon Case19:12:10

The fact that user involvement at the start was going to be beneficial was definitely not a surprise 😁 but it was very clearly validated!

Simon Case19:12:31

I think the biggest surprise was maybe that the heuristic model out performed a data driven one.

Simon Case19:12:33

Again it was down to user preferences. Marketing teams jus found it easier to understand and accept.

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Simon Case19:12:25

I hope one message that comes across in the talk is that ml has users and you need to involve them throughout!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair19:12:37

"Teams working on model can be a long way from sales and marketing , or who the users actually are."

Simon Case19:12:51

Exactly! And if they are far away you're unlikely to produce something they can use or trust!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair19:12:26

Thank you !!!! I will be studying the slides later this week!

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Reminder: The final plenary sessions are starting in 5 minutes. Start making your way back to your browser and join us in #discussion-plenary to interact live with the speakers and other attendees.


Reminder: Please submit your feedback for the talks you attended. It’s so valuable for us and the speakers. And after all, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring! Enter your feedback for those talks here: