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Satish Mogasati00:10:31

How many of you agree β€œculture can be changed β€œ the problem is how long does it take and what method works best are the differentiators.

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Charlie Betz00:10:43

Culture can change. I'm less sure it can be changed.

Fawzy Manaa00:10:47

Love how Deutsche Telekom has a Lead DevOps Evangelist role!!!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:07

It's wonderful that Sascha's work at Deutsche Telekom was partially responsible for helping relocate those employees in Russia due to the Ukraine invasion. πŸ™

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Paul Gaffney00:10:38

The beard of DevOps! The Gene Kim Cinematic Universe is fascinating

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:34

But @cleng is German, too! πŸ˜‚

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Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution)00:10:48

He is the Mohawk of DevOps!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:48

The DevOps Enterprise Cinematic Universe isn't centrally controlled, so there's incredible variety and innovation.

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Drew Khoury, Liatrio00:10:26

DevOps scaling strategy: leave books from mark schwartz around the office

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Especially war and peace and IT:wink:

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:22

disney1 Here to close us out is Jason Cox, Director, Global SRE and Amy McCain, Sr. Manager, SRE from The Walt Disney Company disney1

Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:03

Will the Disney presentation be in the video library?

Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere00:10:20

I don't know why but this angle I had during the video seemed cool.

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:09

When I grow up, I want to be as engaging and personable as @jason.cox

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Drew Caldwell00:10:38

Nick must have borrowed the 8k RED camera from the studio, because this is the most HD video i’ve seen all year

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Paul Gaffney00:10:40

Working WITH others and not FOR others. A fabulous expression of leading with collaboration instead of power.

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Adam Woerz, Toyota, Software Engineer00:10:26

This is such a fantastic perspective! Partnerships instead of services! πŸ’‘

Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:27

What do you look for in hiring these roles for partnering, how do you grow and incentivize and spotlight excellence? @jason.cox

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:58

Following Jason around and hearing his stories are truly strange β€”Β tales of all sorts of people in trouble, needing help from someone with the skills on their team. Help is delivered, and lots of thanks showered to @jason.cox @amy.mccain and the teams. It's like a superhero movie.

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:31

Now I want to follow @jason.cox around for a day, too :star-struck:

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Amy McCain05:10:22

On our Disney internal Slack instance my picture is Alligator Loki. My team named itself SRE-LOKI for "Lots Of Kubernetes Infrastructure."

Fawzy Manaa00:10:05

How is Jason not in any Disney production yet ?!!

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Maria Mentzer (VP See to Solve)00:10:17

YES!! These are essential leadership qualities in general. Listening and empathy!!

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Charlie Betz00:10:49

And bad jokes

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Amy McCain02:10:07

I consider them essential qualities in the SREs I hire!

Adam Woerz, Toyota, Software Engineer00:10:54

Genchi Genbutsu is the term that Toyota uses for Go and See.

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Christopher Lankow00:10:19

Proximity powered empathy engineering- in the trenches on the team!!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:02

There is do doubt that people building things (business units, developers, creators) need lots of help when it comes to the tools they need to do their work (platforms, infrastructure, interface with the rest of shared services team)

Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:35

Nice shoutout to Bettet Sooner Safer Happier @jonathansmart1

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Adam Woerz, Toyota, Software Engineer00:10:37

Join the Rebel Alliance, they must have read The Unicorn Project! :unicorn_face:

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:01

OpEx β€”Β not "operational expense"?!? No! "Operational Experience! It should be happy and create more time for the engineers" πŸ˜‚

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Stephan Guay00:10:10

DevOpsEx πŸ˜‰

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Paul Gaffney00:10:14


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Mike Combs - Motion Ind.00:10:05

Been hoping to hear someone say OpsEx all week. πŸ‘

Drew Khoury, Liatrio00:10:07

Help people by, actually helping people.

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Paul Gaffney00:10:27

Maybe #PeopleEx. Everyone should have an experience that creates happiness

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Drew Khoury, Liatrio00:10:54


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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair00:10:49

Guardians of the Galaxy almost didn't make it to the theaters without their help!!! Got stuck in a pipeline!!!

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eric, Liatrio00:10:14

Empathy goes a long way! Teams don’t need a know-it-all, they need a pairing partner working on their actual problem.

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Eric Key00:10:55

How to be an SRE: 1. Show up 2. Do things

eric, Liatrio00:10:16

Is this πŸͺ„ Magic as Code or πŸͺ„ Magic as a Service? :thinking_face:

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eric, Liatrio00:10:15

MaaS running on SaaS


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Stephan Guay00:10:38

I leave this conference much to do πŸ€―πŸ˜πŸ‘

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eric, Liatrio00:10:31

The good news is you are not alone! You have a community to lean on!!! All the best!

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:57

Disney FTW

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Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering00:10:45

It’s always amazing to be here. Like a theme park for awesome. πŸ‘ πŸš€

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:18

#GeneCon β€” keep the magic flowing

Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:29

Connect back to the community

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution)00:10:43

YES. That’s the whole purpose behind it!


What an experience!! So much to takeaway, cherish and learn.. number of memories and peer connects. Thanks @mvk842 , @genek and team for the magic πŸͺ„

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thankyou 1

Thank you IT Revolution, @genek @mvk842 and everyone who worked to put the event together and all the speakers who shared their knowledge

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Use other profile00:10:19

πŸ’‘And pre-order for 30% with bonus content

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Nikhil Das Nomula(Platforms - JD Finishline)00:10:48

Thank you IT revolution team for putting together this summit for us to learn, and getting all of us together. Muchos respect πŸ™ :saluting_face:

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Christopher Lankow00:10:49

We need that #does Las Vegas 23 music playlist!

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Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution)14:10:29

It’s also pinned in #CATJP0R0X 😊

Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:17

This community, coming together and creating the scenius at least once a year 😊

Use other profile00:10:10

πŸ‘“ Register for (November 1 & 2) with code LV23GENECON

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)00:10:23

It’s a wrap! Keep the spirit of DOES in your heart throughout the year!

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Caitlin Smith18:10:15

A massive thank you to the great team behind the scenes - Ann and her team, the AV team. We know there were a lot of people making it all happen. It was brilliant. πŸŽ‰ ❀️ And @alex for keeping us on track on slack and much more. :hugging_face:

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Use other profile11:10:43

Thank you for the kind words @caitlin.smith014!


Thank you to everyone running this fantastic event and to everyone i was able to meet and exchange experiences with. Everytime I attend one of these conferences, I emerge hopeful, with renewed energy and confidence. My mind races with ideas to improve my own organization, and I'm excited to begin catalyzing change and engaging like minded individuals who can influence areas outside my immediate sphere of influence. So, how do you all keep the heightened levels of exuberance throughout the months between DOES events?

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)05:10:34

I think that’s still an area open to exploration. It’s a topic that will hopefully be developed at the upcoming GeneCon. What’re your thoughts on what it might look like to keep the exuberance and excitement flowing?