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Maria Mentzer (VP See to Solve)00:10:39

Hi! want to talk about practical ways to slowify and amplify and building a learning organization culture, then reach out to me. Can meet F2F now and/or happy to connect post conference!

Marcelo Ancelmo05:10:54

Hi @maria I may be able to contribute on conversations around building a learning organization culture. Actually, I am working on a presentation about it and would love to have some feedback on it

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Maria Mentzer (VP See to Solve)02:10:19

Absolutely! I would love to talk more and provide feedback. Here's my calendly link, I'm heading to Europe next couple of weeks so schedule is a bit challenging. Looking forward to connecting!

Marcelo Ancelmo07:10:22

Hi @maria thank you, will check a day and time that works for both of us.

Nick Eggleston (free radical)12:11:13

How did the conversation go? Any learnings you can share?

Marcelo Ancelmo08:11:46

I had to move the conversation to this week due to work, @nickeggleston. We will share the outcome of our conversation here afterwards 🙂

Leaf (Jessica Roy), MassMutual13:10:13

In the hotel Starbucks for a bit, say hi if you stop by.

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