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Benedikt Dollinger14:10:51

Hey everyone! Maybe some of you talked to my colleagues Philipp and Lucian at the the conference in Vegas. Now we want to let you know, that XALT is hosting a Webinar about Platform Engineering featuring one of our customers. The Webinar teaches you how to create AWS Accounts in minutes with Jira Service Management and a Developer Self-Service and unlock your AWS Cloud Infrastructure. 📅 Friday 17. November 2023 🕙 10:00 AM CET :satellite_antenna: Live & Online What you will learn: - Set up AWS Infrastructure in minutes with JSM Cloud & Developer Self-Service - Follow our seamless account creation process in JSM - Experience the power of approvals for a streamlined workflow - Explore the extensive account catalog in Asset Management - Harnessing AWS & JSM for cost efficiency, speed, security, and compliance with our developer self-service If this sounds interesting to you: Save your spot!