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Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)13:12:41

/poll “Vote for the best sticker! Two random voters each day will in $250 — Stickers here:” “CockroachDB” “GitHub” “LaunchDarkly” “LinearB” “Snyk” “Split” “Synopsys” “Tasktop”

Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)13:12:19

STICKER OFF HOW TO PLAY: Look at the stickers on the pinned post to choose your favorite, and then vote on the pinned poll in this channel. PRIZES: Each day of the conference 2 random voters will win $250 USD via PayPal (or equivalent).

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Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)14:12:16

📣 Who's ready to win prizes?! Check out our sticker-off pinned poll in this channel to play our Sticker Off game and visit our page to find out how to collect your badges. We'll be picking winners each day with a GRAND PRIZE winner on Thursday. The earlier you play, the more chances you have to win! 🏆

Steven Schaefer, Marketing, ITRevolution16:12:59

🎯 Don't miss your chance to win in today's:trophy:prize drawing! Check out #games and our Page. Pick your favorite sticker and vote in the poll. Then, head over to the space to where you can visit sponsors, hangout with other attendees and win prizes! The earlier you play, the more chances there are to win!

Steven Schaefer, Marketing, ITRevolution18:12:13

> 🎉 Have you visited our page and #C0155U72JP9? You can't WIN 💸 if you don't PLAY! Vote for your favorite sticker and visit our space to play visit sponsors, hangout with other attendees 🕺 and win more prizes!! Winners will be announced daily so get your entry in early for more chances to win! 🎉 > > Current Sticker-off Status: Tasktop is in the #1 spot with LaunchDarkly in 2nd place and CockRoachDB in 3rd. Vote in the #C0155U72JP9 pinned poll for your favorite!

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Steven Schaefer, Marketing, ITRevolution21:12:27

💰Want to win $250? 💰 All you have to do is head to the #C0155U72JP9 and VOTE for your favorite sticker in the pinned poll. 🕺 Easy peasy! 2 random voters will each receive $250, at the end of TODAY! 👉 Then head to our page to collect your badges 💗. Got to collect them all to WIN BIG! 🎉

Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)22:12:37

🏆 Congratulations to today's Sticker-Off winners!🏆 @katiezemon- $250 Paypal @shyam.sekhar- $250 Paypal

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