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martind - Triton Digital (iHeart Media)21:10:58

I am building a presentation for my leadership team to go through my review of DOES. Would it be possible to have a wallpaper or something to make the background of the slides please? I was thinking of the green background with Get Together, Go Faster….? @genek who could help with this? ☺️

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martind - Triton Digital (iHeart Media)21:10:15

I checked online and on itrevolution website before posting and didn’t find anything useful. 😔

Jim Moverley10:10:55

would love to hear your review of DOES 😄

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution)16:10:06

@alex - Can you help with this?

Use other profile18:10:26

@martin.deslongchamps do these work?

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martind - Triton Digital (iHeart Media)19:10:03

Yes perfect! Thank you!!! @alex