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robin at egress09:06:25

Egress is a dynamic security software company helping organizations secure unstructured data - we are rapidly growing and looking for windows and/or Linux platform engineers using DevOps practices. We use tools like Terraform and salt stack to deliver services for our customers in Azure and AWS. locations in London and Sheffield. Message me if you are interested #hiring

Peter Fassbinder11:06:10

Is Siemens a SW company? Yes, one of the biggest worldwide with 20k+ SW Engineers. Is DevOps relevant for Siemens? Definitely, with growing impact of digitalization and cloud solutions this becomes a key success factor. Is Siemens hiring in this field? Yes, especially with the recent start of its new IoT Services Division there are many opportunities globally. For e.g. related openings in process consulting see the section „PLM and R&D“ at: If interested in one of these positions, or if you want to learn more about our path forward and associated opportunities, contact me here at the DOES or via <|>