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Conor Bronsdon16:10:04

Excited to meet folks this week! I'll be co-hosting the Dev Interrupted Podcast live from our recording dome at DOES in the Expo Hall - Booth 413 Come say hi - we want to record snippets with different attendees in addition to our scheduled interviews!

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Chris Cheng, DevCycle16:10:06

Hey everyone! First time visiting Vegas, excited to finally visit and to learn lots from everyone! Please say hi if you see me around šŸ˜ƒ

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Mike Long - CEO at Kosli21:10:28

Hi everyone! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Mike from - really looking forward to the conference. Come and talk to me about DevOps audit, compliance, supply chain and change management :hugging_face:

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Rick Jack22:10:50

Hey!! Where all my DOD peeps!? Look forward to seeing you all. PM me if you want to link up

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Deb Christner22:10:16

Anyone from Fidelity interested in meeting up :-)...I saw your session. Would love to catch up.

Fawzy Manaa23:10:04

Hello friends, Fawzy from Deloitte Canada here. Good to be back in person at DOES after being virtual a few years. Would love to connect with anyone interested in DevOps strategy for enterprise scale!