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Virginia Laurenzano NSA01:10:45

Any IC nerds here? PM me if you want to grab tea

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Casey Abernathey13:10:02

Hello from Collins Aerospace! Looking forward to some great talks this week!

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Casey Abernathey15:10:14

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have Commercial and Military Avionics members present this week.

Anselmo Raya16:10:14

Sounds Interesting! Looking forward to learn ing more.

Mark Sigler16:10:51

My daughters fiancé works for Collins doing CAD and PCB design. He’s WFH remote but used to be at Vergennes VT

Nick Eggleston (free radical)16:10:00

Yep I used to drive by the Vergennes location a lot while staying there. Very cool.

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies16:10:41

Good morning! This venue is the freaking awesome! Definitely top tier! Hope to see ya around, both virtually and in the flesh!

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Roberto Roldán16:10:34

Hello from Devo inc! Looking for having fun this week!!

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)16:10:26

Laster year at DOES, several of us collaborated on a conference project to define the minimum set of problems to solve for continuous delivery to be real. The goal was to present a set of activities that were true in all delivery contexts. The overarching goal was to create a set of challenges that, as they are solved, elevate the performance and culture of the organization. Check it out, and feel free to submit a PR with a signature or open an issue to discuss upgrades.

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Charlie Betz17:10:54

hoping interested folks come to #C01577XKTFW session tomorrow.

Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering17:10:05

Hi folks!! I’m here at DOES and I’d love to chat with anyone working on or curious about stream alignment, team topologies, value stream mapping or anything to boost organizational flow!

Jim Moverley17:10:47

@smansfield :D

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Dan Capetta - Grainger (Enablement and Platform Engineering)17:10:38

we have done some work around team topologies

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Charlie Betz17:10:35

come to the #C01577XKTFW session tomorrow

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Chris Austin17:10:15

Very interested. I've been driving an initiative to shift my dev team structure to align with our value streams, pulling in executives to build vertical alignment, and am pushing for value stream mapping exercises.

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Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering17:10:08

@chrisxaustin I’d love to chat about your experience!

Simon Mansfield17:10:45

Thanks for the tag @james.moverley but me and @steveelsewhere spent the entire day together yesterday talking nothing but Value Streams!! 😅😂

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Alex Haeberle17:10:28

Hello from Kyndryl! Looking forward to meeting everyone! I'm interested in hearing how other have empathetically empowered others using DevOps. Feel free to reach out!

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Robin Yeman17:10:13

So far I am learning some great information! I would love to talk with anyone about how to implement DevOps for large cyber-physical safety-critical systems. My experience is Aerospace and Defense!!!

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Adrienne Shulman17:10:44

@tracybannon ⬆️

Tracy (Trac) Bannon17:10:58

Yes!! Let’s chat, @robinyeman ! We need a channel dedicated to this!


@steve.robert.barr - Very interesting session. Thanks for sharing your experience. Moving from development side to ops world really would have given different challenges and learning. How you standardize tools for ticketing challenge between Dev & Ops side.

Anselmo Raya17:10:38

I'm really enjoying listening to the Speakers. Is there any session focusing on DevSecOps for data science (MLOps)?