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Kiran Kamity01:09:21

Hi everyone, looking forward to my first DOES!

Roman Pickl - technical pm - Elektrobit05:09:41

How do you celebrate the failures and successes of your transformation in the current environment? / how do you make them visible?

Andy Sturrock07:09:46

In my space we have a weekly 30 minute call, which is put into everyone's diary, where a team get to come and talk about the cool stuff they have done around transformation (eg showing they have nice burn-up charts now, or they have done a value-stream map and removed a handoff). It tends to be a bit self-selecting in attendance - ie the ones who are interested already are the ones who attend - but in my experience you are better off encouraging the enthusiastic people rather than coercing the reluctant people.

Roman Pickl - technical pm - Elektrobit20:09:02

Thanks for the response. We already do something similar. The last part is so true... especially about the same people presenting. What about the people not in the core or extended team... or do you I invite everyone?

Roman Pickl - technical pm - Elektrobit20:09:10

Anyone running an (online) book club? Any hints? Our the unicorn project book club starts next week 🙂


I've found a looser format gains more value, start by talking about what happened in the book, but quickly branch into people's experiences / what thoughts were triggered by what they read (I actually wound up stopping tracking what chapter people had read to, unless we were talking about a suprise event or when it was time to start the next book)


online seems to have more inconsistant attendees (which helped push away from the "read chapter 4 for next session" pattern)