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Amit Mohleji13:10:26

👋 I’m here! What’d I miss?

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Billy Jo (he/him)13:10:06

I'm so excited for next week! But as often happens, work decided to get in the way. 🙂 When will recordings of the sessions be available?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:26

Good morning! Breakout videos will be available on demand at the start of the conference. Plenary videos will be available after they air. You can find both on the "Library" page of the conference platform (which will be enabled early Tuesday morning). See you next week!!

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)08:10:14

@annp - which sessions will not be recorded? I’ve been burned by some of the omissions in previous years...

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:16

<!here> Our schedule is live – here is the for viewing. It will also be available on the SCHEDULE and WATCH pages of the conference platform once the conference begins on Tuesday. We have no designated "tracks" per se, but we have categorized most of the talks under a group of "topics": Experience Report, NextGenOps, Overcoming Old Ways of Working, Returning Experience Report, Spanning Biz/Tech Divide, Subject Matter Expert, Transformational Leadership If you're looking for specific areas of interest within the schedule, try filtering by topic (hover over "topic" in the right sidebar of the schedule under "Filter by Type").

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Zachary Rubin (JNJ)12:10:20

Hi Ann! The schedule makes reference to "tracks." Where can I find a definition of each?

Zachary Rubin (JNJ)12:10:01

Ah got it. Saw below in channel... tracks represent the "virtual viewing rooms" or "tabs" the content will be airing!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:10

Yes! See you tomorrow!!

Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)17:10:09

Thanks Ann! Will be there next week with@laurenh, @siddharth.pareek and @alireza.chegini. Team DZone is ready. This might be the best lineup of sessions ever. Bravo 👏:skin-tone-2: And also ready for more toast stories from @jtf 🍞

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Use other profile19:10:58

Welcome, @blakee!

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)19:10:50

Absolutely. Awaiting for the event with @blakee & the DZone team 🙂

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations08:10:54

Excellent! ’Cause I just fed my starter. 😄 🍞

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Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)11:10:41

You ready @siddharth.pareek? It's happening 🙂

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