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Joel Dale00:10:49

Where do I see descriptions of what each track represents in the schedule? I just see presentations are track 1, 2, 3... but I don't know where to find out what each track is representing.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:16

Hi Joel! See the note I pinned above – we have some topics that you can browse through but the Tracks just represent the tabs that the talks will be airing on during the livestream.

Dave Fugleberg00:10:37

Has anyone read the Kindle version of Team Topologies on an iPad? I've been disappointed in the past with some books in Kindle format where the illustrations are missing or hard to read. I'll orfer the dead tree version if I must, but hoping someone who has tried the Kindle version can tell me if the illustrations were OK on iPad and if they actually show up in color on that platform.

Marc Boudreau (Enterprise Architect)22:10:12

I can confirm that on my iPad the images are in colour and look fine.

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Dave Fugleberg20:10:56

Thanks Marc!

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