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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies14:10:00

a couple of DevOps Events you may enjoy. November 3rd 1:30pm -How I Got into Tech: Inspiring Career Stories November 5th 2:00pm - VISA on Cybersecurity November 9th 7:00pm - DevOps Party Games November 10th 12:00pm - AWS Nova Meetup - HashiCorp Nomad on AWS (on the cheap) November 12th - All Day DevOps ADDO November 17th 6:30pm - DevOpsDC Monthly Meetup

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Andrew Davis - AutoRABIT - DevSecOps for Salesforce17:10:51

In the spirit of diversity, we at had been concerned that there was an underrepresentation of Camelid Ungulates in the IT community in general and in the DevOps community in particular. Today we introduced Lumi the Llama as our official mascot. You can read more about his origin story at If you're not entirely convinced about the place of mascots in the IT world, you probably haven't spent much time in the Salesforce community. Lumi is helping us spread the good word about DevOps to the world of SaaS apps. If you're curious how DevOps fits in there, we created a couple of on how you can adapt DevOps processes to Salesforce.

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Patrick S. Kelso05:10:07

Great choice, but have you never worked in China? Back in, err, 2009 I was working for EMC in their new Shanghai office. Almost every desk had a llama or alpaca mascot. (Potentially NSFW, strong language). Also how I learnt my first swear words in Mandarin 😄

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Andrew Davis - AutoRABIT - DevSecOps for Salesforce15:10:28

OK, internationalization is a bit more of a minefield than I'd hoped. Consider me educated 😞

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