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Andrew Davis - AutoRABIT - DevSecOps for Salesforce18:10:32

What happens when you combine meditation and DevOps? You get Nerditation Two months ago, I started offering free online meditation classes, with some emphasis on helping modern IT workers to improve their self-awareness, resilience, and leadership skills. The classes blend scientific studies, traditional meditations, and a sprinkling of DevOps concepts. Call this "nerditation" - we have a slightly techy spin, but it's suitable for all. The pilot went well IMHO, and I'm opening this up to a broader audience. You're all welcome to join for any of these classes (Saturday morning and Tuesday PM). You can find all the details here, including a link to a YouTube channel where you can get a sneak peek into the classes. We also have a Slack channel ... the signup is on that side. Feel free to invite friends.

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