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Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host17:11:41

I just finished reading the High Velocity Edge. Amazing book. I recommend to everyone. What are books are similar to this and fall under the Third Way of Devops: Continuous Learning & Experimentation?

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio22:11:58

it is from 2010 right?

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host00:11:04

Ya that’s the one :thumbsup::skin-tone-3:

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:11:51

I also read earlier this year after being exposed to @steve773 at DOES London. Excellent book.

Steve Spear23:11:46

Thanks for the mention. Here’s a sampler, with cases in chapter 5 from varied settings.

Steve Spear23:11:25

Also, this new paper might be of interest. It building on my London talk considerably.

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