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<!here> Hello DevOps Enterprise Summit Amsterdam 2023 delegates—registration is open, and food is served. Please pick up your badge and a bite to eat before attending the Gene Kim & Dr. Steven J. Spear seminar from 13:00 - 17:00 in the Grand Ballroom. And then at 17:00 we’ll see you all for the Welcome Reception in the Expo Hall.

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The seminar is packed!

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution12:05:56

<!here> For those of you in attendance at the Wiring the Winning Organization Seminar with @genek and @steve773, please join the #C058GHCP3FS channel and share your feedback

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The welcome reception will begin in ~20 minutes in the Expo Hall.

Nick Eggleston (free radical)15:05:49

Mmm DevBeerWine(etc)*AwesomePeopleAndStoriesOps