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<!here> We’ll be getting started with Opening Remarks in 15 minutes—make sure to get some breakfast beforehand!

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Please make your way to the Grand Ballroom.

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)07:05:58

The DevOps Enterprise Summit has a Code of Conduct because we want everyone to have an amazing time here at the event. Here’s the summary: Listen well when someone else is sharing. Share well when you have something to say. Respect everyone at all times… and speak up if you see something or hear something that isn’t consistent with the environment we want for this community. If you have any issues, email <|> or direct message @jeff.gallimore. To see the entire Code of Conduct, you can read this post:

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Reminder: Are you looking for help in your DevOps journey? Post the help you’re looking for on the board in the Foyer and in the #help-needed channel. If you can help someone, reach out in Slack!

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Reminder: Don’t miss out on today’s networking time – a chance to connect with other attendees starting at 14:25. Join the Birds of a Feather sessions in the Foyer on Level 1 and any of the #bof-* channels.


Reminder: The breakout sessions are starting in 5 minutes. Start navigating your way to whichever session you’re attending.


Reminder: The action has moved to the breakouts! Join the following channels to interact with speakers and other attendees during the talks in that room: #C015DQFEGMT #C046D552M6Z #C0475QGFL3S


Reminder: We’re heading to lunch now. Recharge, refuel, and get ready for an amazing second half of Day 1.


Reminder: Interested in learning more about how Vercel is providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration? See their demo in the Solutions Hub in the Witte Leeuw Room outside the Expo Hall on Level 1 right now.


Reminder: Find out how you can master software composition analysis with Sonatype. Check out the demo happening now in the Solutions Hub in the Witte Leeuw Room outside the Expo Hall on Level 1 right now.

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Notice of change: Sam Yeats, Founder & CEO of TeamForm, will speak today at 12:40. Making it Stick - Rewiring Organisations for Outcomes & Continuous Change (


Reminder: The breakout sessions are starting again in 5 minutes. Start navigating your way to whichever session you’re attending.

Pete Nuwayser - IBM10:05:38

good day DOES attendees and greetings from Alexandria, Virginia, USA, where I'm enjoying the summit surreptitiously and asynchronously through Slack. Have attended many past summits in person and virtually, so here's a friendly 👋:skin-tone-3: especially for the first-time DOESers 😊 Enjoy! and huge thanks to @alex and everyone at ITRev!

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Thanks @nuwayser! We’re happy to have you tuning in :)

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Reminder: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with others with similar interests in the Birds of a Feather sessions happening now. There’s something for everyone! • Leadership, Culture, Dynamic Learning Organizations (#bof-leadership-culture-learning), hosted by @ben.grinnell • Architecture, Engineering, Operations (#bof-arch-engineering-ops), hosted by @jason.cox Just head to the Birds of a Feather space in the Foyer on Level 1 to join the discussions.


Reminder: The plenary sessions are starting again in 5 minutes. Start making your way back to Grand Ballroom and join us in #discussion-grand-ballroom-main to interact live with the speakers and other attendees.

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Grand 👏 Ballroom 👏


Reminder: Please submit your feedback for the talks you attended. It’s so valuable for us and the speakers. And after all, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring! Enter your feedback for those talks here:


Reminder: We’ll be posting the videos of today’s talks soon. You can view them along with the talks from past Summits at The slides will be available for download, too! The slides are linked to each talk in the library.


Reminder: We’d love for you to share the videos from the DevOps Enterprise Summit with others and we want to make it easy for you to do that. Videos are free for others to watch — just send them the link. The people you share the videos with just need to enter their email address. Free accounts are capped at ten views per month. Individual (unlimited views for one person) and Organization Memberships (unlimited views for an entire organization) are available at


Reminder: Get ready for lightning talks and book signings! We’ll have some entertaining lightning talks (thanks to GitLab for sponsoring those), followed by IT Revolution authors signing their books. Don’t miss the chance to fill your bookshelf! We’ll have the following IT Revolution authors: • @drandremartin, Wrong Fit, Right Fit@wbensing, @jason.cox, @topo.pal, @jwillis, Investments Unlimited All the action is happening in the Expo Hall so head there for all the things.


Reminder: Get your copy of Wrong Fit, Right Fit signed by @drandremartin at the book signing today, thanks to GitLab!


Reminder: Get your copy of Investments Unlimited signed by @wbensing, @jason.cox, @topo.pal, and @jwillis at the book signing today, thanks to Kosli!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:05:45

📣 Join us for two additional Lightning Talks tomorrow morning at 8:15 in Ballroom IV. We will have two very special presentations by Mark Smalley and Alex Mcleod. See you there! 📣

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