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Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)06:05:59

<!here> don’t miss our last two lightning talks this morning!

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)06:05:53

forgive the at-here — we wanted to make sure everyone that wanted to see the talks didn’t miss the opportunity to do so, :man-shrugging:🙏


Reminder: Get yourself to your seat in Grand Ballroom and into #discussion-grand-ballroom-main for the opening remarks. We’re kicking off the final day of the DevOps Enterprise Summit in 15 minutes at 8:30am!


Reminder: The final day is starting now – opening remarks and then plenary talks! Join the conversation in #discussion-grand-ballroom.


Reminder: We want to hear your stories from the Summit. What did you learn? Whom did you meet? What ideas are you taking back with you? What actions are you planning to take? Post in #summit-stories!


Reminder: If you haven’t updated your Slack profile to include more information about yourself, now would be a great time to do it. Name, image, organization, title, pronouns… whatever you feel comfortable sharing with this community to help us learn a little more about you. Here’s an example…


Reminder: Are you looking for help in your DevOps journey? Post the help you’re looking for on the board in the Foyer and in the #help-needed channel. If you can help someone, reach out in Slack!


Reminder: Remember all those talks you attended the first day of the Summit? Please submit your feedback for those! It’s so valuable for us and the speakers. And after all, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring! Enter your feedback for those talks here:

Use other profile08:05:58

Email me at <|> for beta access to the Enterprise Video Library Membership!

Use other profile08:05:43

Just provide your email address and organization name, and I’ll get you onboarded.


Reminder: The breakout sessions are starting in 5 minutes. Start navigating your way to whichever session you’re attending.


Reminder: The action has moved to the breakouts! Join the following channels to interact with speakers and other attendees during the talks in that room: #C015DQFEGMT #C046D552M6Z #C0475QGFL3S


Reminder: We’re heading to lunch now. Recharge, refuel, and get ready for an amazing second half of our final day!


Reminder: Need better engineering governance? Find out how Kosli can help! They’re giving a demo in the Solutions Hub in the Witte Leeuw Room outside the Expo Hall on Level 1 right now.


Reminder: Deploy without risk, migrate painlessly, and maximize the business impact of every feature with LaunchDarkly. See their demo happening now in the Witte Leeuw Room outside the Expo Hall on Level 1.


Reminder: The breakout sessions are starting again in 5 minutes. Start navigating your way to whichever session you’re attending.

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)12:05:07

anyone have any experience in improving corporate release processes away from “quality theater”? @bernard.voos

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)12:05:58

or handling devops transformations in fast-growing organizations?

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)12:05:23

who has thoughts, perspectives, or experience with dataops? @redha.messaoudi

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)12:05:05

who has dealt with manual release processes for legacy apps involving multiple teams? @nickrod518

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)12:05:15

anyone applied the reverse conway maneuver at scale? @lee.wilson

Redha Messaoudi09:05:45

Hi Jeff, I am interested on experience exchange… we have a lot of DWH applications and Big Data systems and it seems that our delivery model very slow… KR Redha

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Jim Moverley18:05:25

I'm going to host some video chats where we can share/disucss! A number of folks are interested.. so will put something together soon!


Reminder: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with others with similar interests in the Birds of a Feather sessions happening now. Discuss how AI is affecting productivity! • AI and Productivity (#bof-ai-and-productivity), hosted by @stephen • Security, Audit, Compliance, GRC (#bof-sec-audit-compliance-grc), hosted by @mike220 Just head to the Birds of a Feather space in the Foyer on Level 1 to join the discussions.

kurt swakhoven12:05:06

Where can we find the videos of the event?

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)14:05:05

@kurtswakhoven we’ll be posting some later this week and the rest likely next week.

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Reminder: The final plenary sessions are starting again in 5 minutes. Start making your way back to Grand Ballroom and join us in #discussion-grand-ballroom-main to interact live with the speakers and other attendees.


Reminder: Please submit your feedback for the talks you attended. It’s so valuable for us and the speakers. And after all, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring! Enter your feedback for those talks here:


Reminder: We’ll be posting the videos of today’s talks soon. You can view them along with the talks from past Summits at The slides will be available for download, too! The slides are linked to each talk in the library.


Reminder: Have you been thinking of someone you know who needs to see one of these talks? Go ahead and share the video! Videos are free for others to watch — just send them the link. The people you share the videos with just need to enter their email address. Free accounts are capped at ten views per month. Individual (unlimited views for one person) and Organization Memberships (unlimited views for an entire organization) are available at

Use other profile15:05:54

If you are interested in seeing what we’re building and would like an Enterprise Membership beta account, please email me at <|>, and I will get you onboarded! ( to help you share things you want your teams to know!)

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