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I promise I have a good reason for this <!channel>. IT Revolution is running a 10th Anniversary Flash Sale—the registration price for will drop to $1,500 on June 27 &amp; 28 (US Pacific Time). You’ll see the sale price automatically while registering on those days, so no special action required. This is the best deal we’ll offer (40% off full price), and we want to make sure all of you past attendees don’t miss out. It’s available to all individuals and is better than our regular group rate pricing. If you’re a group and want this sale price, send <|> an email for instructions asap.

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Tommy Hinrichs19:06:51

What happens if I buy a ticket at discount, then I'm fortunate enough to have my talk proposal accepted, can I transfer to someone else?

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@tommy.hinrichs it can be transferred, and specifically for people with accepted talks we can refund it if that happens as another option.

Pablo Jejcic08:06:26

Shame o cannot make Vegas... Shall we make a party on EMEA early next year and make it count for 10 years?

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@pablo.jejcic surely! 🎉🎉🎉🎉