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Hey hey! It’s live today and tomorrow only. Hope to see many of you in Las Vegas.

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Phil Clark19:06:41

I am grateful for your post @alex. It made my day! It is helpful for people like me who will be personally funding the event and not receiving reimbursement from our organization or business but still want to attend (it was fun explaining this coming from vacation savings to my wife πŸ™‚).

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I will miss this year @pclark @alex 😞

Phil Clark20:06:54

Sorry to hear @lbmkrishna. It appears that you have been pretty active in the community this year. I will miss not be bumping into you from session to session πŸ˜„


LOL - Thank you, Phil. I love your company and attending DOES sessions with you πŸ™‚

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Sad to hear it @lbmkrishna - you will be missed.

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See you in Vegas on your β€œvacation” @pclark!

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