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Steve Spear16:10:49

Recommended session. “How I Wired The Winning Organization” @maria. Nikita 1 at 1:50. Theme is: Accelerating high tech NPD using simplification and amplification.

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Max Reele17:10:52

Nobody is too recognizable! All must carry credentials 😄

Tim Haagenson19:10:11

I asked Illusion Diffusion to convert my picture into a "DevOps conference with a stage and audience members"

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Max Reele21:10:27

This should be great 🔥


NOT COOL! So many competing , great breakouts at 2:20. Spread the love! #Fomo

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4:20 & 4:50 FOMO also. #KillingMe. Gonna need those GitHub stashed materials for sure!

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