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Nick Eggleston12:10:08

Looking forward to the next party and upcoming summit.

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Mark Shuler15:10:47

When will be get the link to the Watch Party video?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:57

There was an email that went out last night, we'll send another email with link in a few minutes (60min pre event)! See you soon!

Mark Shuler15:10:41

Perfect. Thank

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff16:10:02

The next Watch Party with Gene Kim &ย Fernando Cornago (adidas)ย will be starting in about 1 hour. Everyone is welcome. Details below. URL to watch:ย When: 10am PT / 1pm ET (in 54 minutes)


Hello from @fernando.cornago and me! Weโ€™re backstage getting ready to go!!

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Fernando Cornago17:10:13

hello? 1,2,3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

John Walsh17:10:44

quite an echo

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Jatil Damania17:10:06

pretty solid echo!

Ron S17:10:21


Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:24

weโ€™re trying to resolve

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair17:10:34

Audio okay now? (Holy cow!)

John Walsh17:10:46

we can hear fernando

Steve Jones - He/Him17:10:10

need to mute speakers during the video

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Steve Jones - He/Him17:10:58

Is Adidas increasing investment in security/pen testing as a part of this? What about data governance/classification efforts to ensure new features don't introduce potential issues?

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Fernando Cornago20:10:27

Hi Steve, ITsec released last year the data classification policy (INTERNAL, CONFIDENTIAL, PUBLIC), every data producer needs to indicate the level of the data together with PII or not

Steve Jones - He/Him20:10:00

that's great to hear. Glad Adidas is implementing this.

Steve Jones - He/Him20:10:07

Thanks for the talk, it was very interesting.

Jeff Meade -Redgate17:10:53

Have some echo back.

Steve Jones - He/Him17:10:03

everyone needs headphones.

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair17:10:52

Thanks for all the live feedback! My 8yo just told me there was a moment of echo, too! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair17:10:22

Love it! "Lock-ins that we love!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธโค๏ธ

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Luke Rettig - Target17:10:11

โ€œit wasnt a failure of technology, it was a failure of organizational setupโ€ have seen this soooo many times!

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Steve Jones - He/Him17:10:02

can't hear the speaker

Luke Rettig - Target17:10:05

i canโ€™t hear Fernando


I hope the audio in the actual conference is better than in these live watch parties.

Luke Rettig - Target17:10:37

it was for DOES London

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Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:55

This is a test of mixing live and recorded

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution, she/her)17:10:31

Weโ€™re sorry, @here PROMISE that the audio and overall AV for DOES completely different and seamless.

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Ron S17:10:33

Gene is reading too fast with the echo

Istvan Bathazi17:10:11

No echo is back

Luke Rettig - Target17:10:47

think we are picking up Geneโ€™s echo by trait of Fernando being off of mute ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:19

Apologies, everyone, we are working through the audio issues. Thank you for being so patient!

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Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:33

<!here> Post your questions here for Fernando.

John Walsh17:10:44

can you give some specific examples of your dojo initiatives?

John Walsh17:10:03

what the platform and devs collabed on, and the obstacles overcame?

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)17:10:16

@genek101 may want Fernando to mute and press spacebar to talk.

Scott Willson17:10:18

Ugh, can we stop the echo.

Scott Willson17:10:33

Seem Gene is speaking through his phone and the PC.

Luke Rettig - Target17:10:45

only when Gene talks and Fernando is off of mute

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Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:06

It might be the no headphones.

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John Walsh17:10:31

also, really enjoyed the "reversing conway's law" learning. Are there other ways you are working to solve that org problem across your iniatives?

Fernando Cornago20:10:21

Hi John, we are always looking for the best organization depending on the problem you need to solve

Fernando Cornago20:10:45

the "platform way" has resulted very useful for us to boost adoption and standardization

Fernando Cornago20:10:27

now we are discussing how to apply chapter logic in dev teams, specially in our remote hubs to boost tech career (moving over 1000 engineers soon)

John Walsh10:10:02

@fernando.cornago, that's amazing. Is the problem described/made clear across the organization, or is that for each dev team to consider/work on?

Ron S17:10:03

Gene is reading too fast with the echo

Jeff Meade -Redgate17:10:43

Thanks for putting this on!

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:00

Hope the echos werenโ€™t too distracting. Thanks for your patience everyone.

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How should I invite there?


Please navigate me to your conference!

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)18:10:33

Are you looking for the link to the conf. registration page?

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff18:10:17

Hey @hhu5731! You can register at, and use code WATCHPARTY150 for $150 off your registration.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff18:10:59

DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas - Virtual is happening October 13-15. Every speaker will be engaging in live Q&A on Slack during their talks, which is just one of the many reasons to attend. Join over 1,500 of your peers for perhaps the most amazing show weโ€™ve ever put together. Go to to register, and as a special thankyou for being with us today, use code WATCHPARTY150 for $150 off your registration.

Nick Eggleston19:10:02

@alex for DOES, can you arrange to have the Q&A for each session in its own channel? Itโ€™s frustrating to try and find and follow threads in โ€œtrackโ€ or โ€œstageโ€-like channels...

Yong Lai18:10:50

Hi @alex, I completed registration but unable to log in at Sent an email to <|> but didn't receive response. Do you know who can help me ?

Yong Lai18:10:56

Never mind, it works again. Could be website issue.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff00:10:03

Hi @nickeggleston! You make a great point about the specific channels for each session, but weโ€™ve found the opposite is also true โ€” each day youโ€™re adding upwards of 10 or more channels to your slack workspace, which gets overwhelming. Weโ€™ll keep the channel per track for now, but maybe in the future will change. Thanks for the feedback.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff00:10:15

@yong.lai - Iโ€™ll look into your support request email, and happy you made it in!

Nick Eggleston00:10:33

Hi @alex! You do have a point about navigating a bunch of channels. It would be a pain to have to manually add and jump to the channel during the โ€œliveโ€ event, unless there was Automation that did it automagically. Without that, Iโ€™d actually like to just start in one channel the whole conference for live events with q&a. Given the virtual nature, you could extend the time and eliminate any simultaneous โ€œtracksโ€ so we can catch all the speakers... probably not possible for this. Are you leaving more time between the talks this time? At the London event it was frustrating to not have time to finish the q&a chat before the next talk started.

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host18:10:43

bummer, 7AM (Hawaii time) is too early for me. Have fun everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Steve Jones - He/Him18:10:20

Thanks, this was interesting. The echo was hard, and my guess is this having a speaker and microphone in the open air for someone. Please get all speakers to wear headphones for interaction to avoid echo and feedback

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