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Crispin Velez Villazon13:10:18

Hey Everyone! I've been hearing about the conference for a while, really exited to see what its all about, the speaker lineup looks really nice. Great to meet you all!

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff16:10:27

<!channel> Hey everyone! The next Watch Party with Gene Kim & Fernando Cornago (adidas) will be starting in about 1 hour. Everyone is welcome. Details below. URL to watch: Channel for Q&A and chat: #watch-party When: 10am PT / 1pm ET (in 54 minutes)

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Andre Prado16:10:28

Hey everyone! What is a Watch Party? That sounds interesting!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:54

Hi Andre! Here's some info that we sent out: We’ve asked a few of the most watched London - Virtual keynote speakers to return and share their presentations again, while making themselves available to join Gene for live commentary and Q&A. To make this happen, we will broadcast using the same livestreaming platform that we'll use for Las Vegas - Virtual in October. The Watch Party is designed for you to be able to bring DevOps Enterprise Summit to your workplace by inviting your co-workers and friends to join you and all watch together.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:23

Hope you can join us, @aprado!

Richard de Beijer17:10:52

how do i join the broadcast?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:14

We're also in the #watch-party channel...

Richard de Beijer17:10:49

i seem not to be getting to fernando's video

Richard de Beijer17:10:59

privacy settings of the video appear to prevent me from seeing anything through the alternate link you kindly provided

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:41

@alex Any insight here?

Richard de Beijer17:10:06

Excellent, that works!

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Istvan Bathazi17:10:51

Isn't this the wrong video?

David - BBY17:10:45

Not sure, but I'm really digging the presentation!

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Ron S17:10:58

No sound?

Ron S17:10:25

All I hear is the guy on the left

David - BBY17:10:27

Lost half of the audio?


yes. Fernando πŸ™‚

Ron S17:10:07

but echo from left


Gene -> Echo πŸ™‚

Andre Prado17:10:49

Yeah was getting echo as well .


Again Echo

Denden Islem18:10:28

hi guys is it over? or they took a pause?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:00

Hi Denden - We just wrapped about 8 minutes ago!

Denden Islem18:10:30

ah ok thx for the info πŸ™‚

Ram Chindunoor18:10:27

@annp Can you please share link to recorded version or deck as I had conflict

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:02

Hi Ram – we're processing the files now, stay tuned!

Justin Powall19:10:13

Hey, I missed the watch party today as well - please let me know when the files are processed, thank you!!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:36

@rchindunoor @jpowall Here's the link – please note that we were working through some audio issues (completely different setup than DOES, not to worry). Please enjoy the amazing talk and hope that you will join us on the 13th!

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Justin Powall20:10:16

yup just signed up today! thanks

Justin Powall20:10:35

@annp i’m not seeing a link, did you post it in this thread or somewhere else?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:23

Oh's been a long day 😳 A link would be super helpful - sorry about that!

Justin Powall20:10:46

haha no problem!

Ram Chindunoor02:10:10

Thanks Ann

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Nick Eggleston02:10:35

Will there be a few more test runs prior to DOES going live?