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Lauren Baker - Synopsys14:05:13

📣 Hi and welcome to the Synopsys Slack Channel! 👋 Thank you for stopping by. A few announcements to get you started! • GDPR: Please note that by interacting with Synopsys your details will be shared by the organisers and you may be contacted about products and services of interest, but you can opt out at any time. • Happy Hour! Join the fun on Wednesday 11th May from 18.25 BST where we will be discussing 2022 Open Source Pains &amp; Gains through a live 'Ask the Expert' session followed by an interactive ‘illusion of the mind’ mentalist show by award winning Luca Volpe! Presentation ‘Supply Chain Attacks – Reflections on Risk and Mitigation’ is taking place on Wednesday 11th May @ 15.20 BST. Be sure to listen live and ask the presenters questions in the ask-the-speaker-track-4 channel or back here if you listen at later stage on-demand. • Fancy winning a sleek new smart watch? Enter you name to be in the chance of winning, its as simple as that! Last but not least, we hope you have a fantastic three days at the DevOps Enterprise Summit Europe. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to send us a message at any point during the show and one of the team would be happy to help.📣

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