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Lauren Baker - Synopsys08:05:25

🌟 Welcome to day 1 of the DevOps Enterprise Summit Europe! 🌟 We are very excited to be here! If you have any questions, want to discuss any challenges you are facing or need a hint on our booth's Wordle :thinking_face: - my colleagues @abigailm, @marg, @niehra, @molka.elleuch and @hunta are more than happy to help! And while you are here, why not enter our or sign up to our on Wednesday 11th May from 18.25 BST where we will have a performance from award winning Italian Mentalist - Luca Volpe. 🤯

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Adrian Hunt09:05:54

👋 Hello, everyone!

Adrian Hunt13:05:22

I'm currently sat in Area 9 of the Solutions Hub if anyone would like to drop by and say Hi 👋. Topics I like to discuss include shifting left vs shifting everywhere - which is the best approach? And given the last 2 zero day vulnerabilities, how were you affected and did it take you long to resolve?

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Lauren Baker - Synopsys16:05:24

💥 Synopsys' happy hour is back bigger and better than last year 💥 with two-time Merlin Award Winner for "Mentalist of the Year" Italian Mentalist Luca Volpe. for a unique, original and extremely entertaining, a one-of-a-kind show in which the audience become the protagonist and you will wonder just how Luca did it. :thinking_face: 🌟 For the lucky first 50 people who register and attend the event, we will be organising special Synopsys@Home goodie boxes to be sent to you - full of fun and useful swag. 🌟 Register now:

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