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Andrew Appleton04:05:06

Greetings from Bavaria!

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Laurel Wilke04:05:37

πŸ‘‹:skin-tone-4: Welcome to @ DOES Europe, 2022! β€’ 🚩 Want to learn more about feature flags and experimentation? Head over to check out our booth in the conference for more resources. β€’ 🀝 We’d love to #connect with you! We will be available throughout the conference in #slack to answer any questions you might have. β€’ 🌍 Say hello in our channel below and let us know where you are joining from. Enter Our Raffle Here To!

Laurel Wilke04:05:13

Hi @andrew.appleton! Greetings from Silicon Valley, CA. It is a pleasure to connect with you and we wish you the best of luck in our raffle. πŸ™‚ Join our session on Wed May 11 at 2:50-3:20 BST to better your chances! You can access "Advanced Feature Flags: It’s All About The Data" by @dave.karow in the conference agenda.

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