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Daniel Boatman08:05:19

Hi All, At AWS UK, we have a number of System Development Engineer roles available for one of the largest greenfield projects we have ever embarked on. Our System Development Engineer is a cross between a DevOps engineer and a developer, with the responsibility around working with CI/CD pipelines, writing terraform scripts/configs, and BASH/Powershell Scripts as well as also developing using a OOP language. (Python, Java, Golang Rust etc) We also have a System Engineering roles, which is more typical of the primary DevOps responsibilities. Happy to discuss with those interested (or apply)!

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Rashmi Pati_Accenture_London11:05:37

> Come join the award-winning DevOps team at Accenture! We combine deep technology, business and industry expertise to design and deliver some of the largest, most challenging and highest profile technology solutions in the world. Apply now: >;title=DevOps+Engineering+Senior+Analyst >;title=DevOps+Engineering+Senior+Analyst

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Gillian Nieboer11:05:45

Joining us for a little hiring magic :male_mage::skin-tone-2:

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Matt Bohn13:05:36

Stack Overflow is hiring! Come join a fast-growing tech company that empowers people to deliver outstanding results and to learn and grow along the way. We believe that diverse experience contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to better products. Every person we hire makes Stack Overflow an even better place to work.

Lilian Mitroglou - DevOps Coach15:05:30

Accenture is also hiring in Germany πŸ™‚ Happy to talk to you.

Shaun Norris15:05:28

JP Morgan Chase are actively hiring Python software engineers in the UK and the US. We're particularly interested to talk to folks who would help our teams become more diverse. I lead a couple of software engineering teams that build database control planes as part of our Platform Services Group. If you'd like to chat further on this, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at:

Gillian Nieboer15:05:05

Snyk is actively hiring in the UK :flag-gb: Ping me if you would like to have a chat (also in other regions globally).

Jose Adan Ortiz16:05:53

Thanks for share Gillian. Check your DM

Ellie Knigge15:05:08

Lightstep is actively hiring! Checkout our open position here -

Paul Trimble16:05:28

LinearB just raised a $50M SeriesBee with Salesforce Ventures, and we’re going to blow it all on making developers' lives better through workflow optimization. 😎 🐝 🍾 I started at LinearB ~1 year ago, and I can confidently say that LinearB is unlike any other. Our tech is cutting edge, exciting, and highly useful, and the leaders have proven that we're all destined for great success! πŸš€ πŸ“ˆ There were 20 of us when I started last year, now we're almost at 70, and we will soon grow to 200! Every day I wake up excited to work (AND I make a great πŸ’° with tremendous benefits and upside opportunities). We’re hiring for many positions, so if you want to help us help devs (or help yourself through a highly lucrative career), check out our careers pageβ†’ And then email me directly for a solid reference: <|> πŸ’ͺ

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Paul Trimble18:05:33

Oh and of course, if you want to see why this tech is already a game changer, come check out our #xpo-linearb-automate-dev-team-improvement channel!