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Hagay Netzer06:05:06

Welcome to the LinearB slack channel! We are so happy for the conference to start. We are here for any questions or if you want to chat about our Engineering Excellence tool!

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Hagay Netzer07:05:11

🐝LinearB welcomes you to Day 1 of DOES! Here is what LinearB has going on today: πŸ’₯We are hyped for our co-founder Dan Lines’s session later today (3:20pm BST): ✍️Other way to interact with us today: πŸš€Visit 🎯Request a demo today by visiting

Paul Trimble12:05:01

πŸ‘‹ Hello, team!

Fang Yuan15:05:39

Hope everyone enjoyed Dan's talk earlier today about merging PRs faster! What did we think about these points? β€’ New ideas to merge your PRs faster based on analysis of 733K PRs from 26K developers β€’ Why asynchronous is NOT better than synchronous when it comes to PR code reviews β€’ Context you can add to your pull requests to get it reviewed by your team 5X faster β€’ How idle time in PRs reduces situational awareness and increases cognitive load β€’ Why the time of day you open your pull request affects how quickly you merge

Fang Yuan17:05:30

A reminder that tomorrow at 6:25pm BST, we will be hosting a Magic Show, where we're giving away a pair of Airpods Pro!

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