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Hagay Netzer10:05:28

🐝 LinearB welcomes you to Day 2 of DOES! Here is what LinearB has going on today: 🪄 We are having a crazy magic show 🪄 for our Happy Hour AND we're giving away an pair of Airpods Pro - Please use this link to join ✍️ Other way to interact with us today: 🚀 Visit 🎯 Request a demo today by visiting

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Margaret Shaeffer16:05:08

🐝 LinearB is so happy you're here! After a long day of learning, it's time for entertainment! you'll get to..... 🪄 Participate in a private TV magic show 📺 where we can read your mind 🧠 from hundreds of thousands of miles away! ➡️ Don't believe me? Come find out at LinearB's! We guarantee you'll leave baffled, amazed, and impressed! AND we're giving away a pair of Airpods Pro 💰 Please use this link to join- no registration needed! 💥

Fang Yuan17:05:55

Why be boring and have a black logo when you can colorfy it!

Margaret Shaeffer18:05:33

That magician BLEW my mind!!

Margaret Shaeffer18:05:06

@bart.hooghe So glad you won! I'll email you shortly to get your info! 😄

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Bart Hooghe20:05:02

Tbh I was wary to put the last X in for the game, thinking he was fooling me somehow. Also wondering whether I should lose on purpose, as that would be an outcome he wouldn't have foreseen and the magician would be in trouble 😄 But my ego didn't let that happen 🙈 😂

Margaret Shaeffer16:05:45

you crushed it - whatever your strategy was!!

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Margaret Shaeffer18:05:24

Thanks @mvk842, @ann.marie.99, @annp @siddharth.pareek, @bart.hooghe @hagay.netzer @fang @tyler.watson for coming to our #happy-hour Wasn't Darren mind-blowing?? 🪄

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Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)18:05:56

That was a great happy hour! @margaret !! Thank you for having us!

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