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Ann Perry - IT Revolution11:05:00

🔆 Honored to introduce, Distinguished Engineer, Executive Director Institutional Securities Tech at Morgan Stanley, presenting Log4j Hygiene 🔆

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:58

So delighted that you captured this story,!!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:32

“what’s do difficult about log4j? why isn’t it as easy as opening tickets for everyone who used it?” 😆

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:06

“how many applications? 10s? 100s? 1000s?”

Matt Cobby (Director of Engineering, Deloitte)12:05:42

That's a very familiar story. We had to contact every single tool/SaaS we used to ask the log4j question. They were also asking us if they banked with us.

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:20

(sorry, not sure if I should use 😆 or 😭 emoji.)

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:14

“let’s just skip the non-internet facing applications” 😆

Ethan Culp12:05:18

Having just started on a new Supply Chain Risk team a couple weeks after log4j dropped, this is like reliving trauma all over again 🤪😅

Matt Cobby (Director of Engineering, Deloitte)12:05:31

Our experience of it: Luckily every team had got into the rhythm of patching every month. There was a dashboard that lit up if you were non-compliant. It took 6-9 months to get deployments automated, app testing to test for regression, change process to accept that patching was a low risk change but it put us in a good position. When log4j hit, we got most priority (external) systems patched in a few days, within a month 1000s of apps had been patched, all because we'd been learning how to patch dependancies until it stopped hurting. (@stephen) I don't think we did the deep sweep that talked about. All those old containers and apps left in the repos with the vulnerability...

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Randy Shoup (Chief Architect eBay; he/him)12:05:34

Excellent session,

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:47

first I’ve seen just a comprehensive public experience report of log4j like this — kudos!

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Randy Shoup (Chief Architect eBay; he/him)18:05:43

More are coming in our Forum Paper ...

Ann Perry - IT Revolution12:05:00

We now welcome @eleonravinez and @ml.polo.orbe from Banco de Crédito del Perú and @lguevara of NTT Data, here to present, DevSecOps: Beyond Theory, a Strategy with Real Customer Impact

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Ethan Culp12:05:02

Awesome takeaways "Focus on the success, not failure" - the risk is important, but not if it means we undermine the mountains of effort already put in by the devs to remediate the issue.

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:54

BCP: Peru’s largest bank! attended 2019 Vegas to learn about DevOps. 🎉

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Luis Guevara12:05:52

and the results were amazing!!!

Erika León Ravinez12:05:36

An gave us the foundation to achieve excellent results

Topo Pal - Programming Committee Member12:05:59

60% of transactions are digital !

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:43

NTT: 140K employees;

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:21

(4000 users trained; 60M LOC; totally caught my attention, too, @topo.pal!)

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Topo Pal - Programming Committee Member12:05:14

3-6 Months to complete features that needed manual forms and approvals!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:54

I think “to deploy features” b/c of approvals and manual forms. A familiar tale!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:31

“eliminate dependencies”

Topo Pal - Programming Committee Member12:05:44

@lguevara @ml.polo.orbe @eleonravinez - Do you have a central team managing the whole platform?

Erika León Ravinez12:05:28

Yes We do have a team that manage all of the tools

Erika León Ravinez12:05:24

We have 4 teams 3 of them are divided into practices: CT, CI and CD And the 4to manages the support and maintenance of the tools We are 40 engineers who centrally create the pipelines, manage the tools and evolve the devops practice

Erika León Ravinez12:05:55

The challenge we are working on is to decentralize the creation of pipelines so that each business team can do it

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:13

“reduce implementation; increase frequency of production pushes (?); increase quality”

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:37

“highly disruptive change” 🎉 🙂

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Topo Pal - Programming Committee Member12:05:30

That looks like a real pipeline, haha

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Luis Guevara12:05:16

that was the idea to show it graphically XD

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:51

And they kept it running — bad day when the pipeline goes down! 🙂

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:41

(@topo.pal Did you know that the Unicorn Project scene of CI servers going down was inspired by @chris552 story from Jaguar Land Rover? 🙂

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:07

@eleonravinez what was reaction from the devs of all this new tooling you created? And business users?

Erika León Ravinez12:05:27

At the beginning there was no acceptance Only a few who wanted to use the tools We worked on changing the culture , that has succeeded but it is still a challenge for each new technical capability we implement

Maria Luisa Polo12:05:11

We had to work a lot of work with the C Level and the business to show them what they could achieve and get them to help us drive adoption.

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:15

That is so cool, @eleonravinez. Wait, 1600 people?!? Wow.

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Virginia Laurenzano NSA/MARFORCYBER12:05:17

it's not easy to find individuals with these skills anywhere and I love the training to make your own base

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Erika León Ravinez12:05:41

Thanks Virginia! Working together we can always achieve a lot!

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Maria Luisa Polo12:05:39

Many Thanks Virginia!!!! 😀 Was not easy but, was a very good way to move forward!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:04

2300 community members; co-creation of financial education with their customers. (&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;-----)

Topo Pal - Programming Committee Member12:05:16

"Commitment of C-level is important"

Topo Pal - Programming Committee Member12:05:53

Great session. Thanks @eleonravinez @lguevara@ml.polo.orbe

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:55

Thank you, @eleonravinez ! Wow!

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Erika León Ravinez12:05:06

Thanks Gene for the opportunity! :hugging_face:

Luis Guevara12:05:16

Thanks so much!!

Luis Guevara12:05:34

Thanks @topo.pal and @genek

Luis Guevara12:05:31

It has been a very nice experience to share with you the success and learning of BCP & NTT Data

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Maria Luisa Polo12:05:36

Thank you very much to all!! very happy to share our journey to DevOps!!!!

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:05:00

Introducing @jakob.knutsson657, Head of Cloud & Data Center, Core Engineering, H&M Group, here to present Integrating Business With Tech

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:05:28

Thank you so much, @jakob.knutsson657!

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Jason Cox - Disney14:05:14

All in on the cloud and multi-cloud - see more of that all the time but like the "faster access to innovation" as an objective for that approach, @jakob.knutsson657

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jakob knutsson14:05:51

We currently use two hyper scalers- which both have their different strongholds - for us it's about using the right tool for the job.

jakob knutsson14:05:43

Would be super interesting with a knowledge exchange as well @jason.cox!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:05:00

🌲 A warm welcome to @miika.soininen, Director, Digital Services and IT, Ponsse Plc and @nsharma, Director of Product Management, Copado, here to present, Automating QA for the King of the Forest 🌲

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Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:53

Cool intro video, and fun to see @nsharma and @miika.soininen actually onsite with the forestry equipment. The opposite of work from home

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Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:02

“For the last several years, I’ve been working in test automation. Basically because I like to break things” • @nsharma

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:51

“Data is as important as putting fuel [in the] machine” - a forestry machine operator in Canada

Virginia Laurenzano NSA/MARFORCYBER14:05:36

reminds me of the Suncor talk. I love the nexus of heavy machinery and DevOps - real world applications

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Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:11

Layer on top of that the idea of “moving from product to service”, where they look at the uptime of the machines and training to ensure optimal utilization.

Virginia Laurenzano NSA/MARFORCYBER14:05:50

totally wrote that down, too!

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Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:18

Interesting concept of “cut-to-length” forestry. Only take trees of the size you need. Reduces the waste of excess inventory. Get data on needs from the mill and harvest as needed.

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Miika Soininen14:05:22

Really data driven operations from order to delivery!

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:49

If you thought you had trouble getting a good cellphone signal:

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:26

“One of our biggest challenges has been ensuring adequate connectivity for our forestry equipment”

Miika Soininen14:05:14

And still we are building real time data solutions to places without connectivity. It's just one problem to solve and we have ways around it.

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:43

New cell towers? Satellite? Something else?

Miika Soininen14:05:06

Satellite or data on rubber wheels

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Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:32

“We accumulated a lot of technical debt … but we learned that it was important to deliver fast before the customer demand dried up”

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code14:05:57

“You’ve probably had the experience of getting an update that caused your device to not work. … imagine you were a logger sitting in the middle of a forest and suddenly your equipment stopped working” (Brings new seriousness to the challenge of change fail rate)

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:05:55

Thank you, @miika.soininen and @nsharma - what a beautiful presentation!

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Miika Soininen14:05:29

Thank you for opportunity!

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