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Kristine Setschin - GitLab08:05:39

Good morning everyone and welcome to the first day of DevOps Enterprise Summit 2022! The GitLab Team is super excited to welcome you! πŸš€ 🦊

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab09:05:27

πŸ‘‹ We hope you will enjoy the sessions but besides it here’s what GitLab have prepared for you today: β€’ Please make sure to register to the GitLab demo showcase that starts at 12.20-12.50 BST: β€œThe one DevOps platform: From planning to production, bring teams together in one application and drive impressive business results” ( β€’ Free trial of; to use the whole month for free:rocket: β€’ Special SWAG from GitLab for the first 15 people joining the demo session above!

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab11:05:52

The demo is now live and kicking! Join our expert and ask questions! ☝️

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Jim Moverley12:05:51

Hey everyone πŸ˜„ here to answer any questions/chats πŸ˜„

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Jim Moverley12:05:58

running a bit late

Elena Sheveleva14:05:07

@james.moverley as always:sunglasses:

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