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Jude Wellington08:05:18

Good day everyone. Welcome to DOES EU 2022! Thanks for popping into the CloudBees channel. • Enter to win a $200USD E-gift card • Watch our CloudBees Platform demo in our booth along with some other awesome content. • Check out our session today called • Vote for our sticker in the Games section. • Have a fantastic time at the conference!

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Eva Boquet09:05:58

Hi everyone ! Don’t hesitate to reach out 👋:skin-tone-2: 🙂

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Eva Boquet10:05:06

The 🐝 team is also available in the Gather tab (First private space 8 on the left, close to the entrance) :hugging_face:

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Jude Wellington12:05:20

Check out our session coming up next in Track 4

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Jude Wellington14:05:14

We hope everyone is enjoying the conference so far! If you'd like to watch our session Connecting Software Delivery to Business Outcomes again (without any distractions 😂), you can go and you can ask questions in this channel or meet up with us in Gather during the breaks.

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