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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)12:10:02

In case you missed the BoF discussion on “What is minimum viable CD?” we created this out of that discussion. We’d love feedback. Feel free to submit a PR!

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Mike Snyder -RVCM15:10:39

Where are the attendees from the auto industry and other sectors with embedded systems? I would love to bring some of the worlds together from the DOD, auto, and beyond. If you would like to connect, please feel free to reach out to me. <tel:+14108587706|+1 4108587706>, <|>.

Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)17:10:22

@chris.gallivan421 used to be in auto industry

Chris Gallivan (Planview)17:10:10

I’d be happy to participate. <|>

Mike Snyder -RVCM21:10:17

sending the email. thanks!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair18:10:41

@suzette.johnson5 @robinyeman @dean.leffingwell @adrian.cockcroft @annp Can we get the authors of the three years of Forum papers on Cyber-Industrial Systems looped in here, and links to their papers? THANK YOU!

Suzette Johnson23:10:42

@msnyder I just sent you an email so we can tag up if you are interested.