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Nick Eggleston (free radical)14:10:04

It's almost like a gasp maturity model...


i could see that if it were prescriptive beyond defining the minimum, but it's pretty open-ended from there

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)14:10:15

I fixed that PR. Also @stephen pointed out a wording issue in the CI section. Different PR


nice, thought i approved it - do you need anything else from me there to merge?


don't see an option to resolve that convo


yeah doesn't look like i'm a required reviewer and it needs an approval from one, plus that comment resolution


Istvan's linkedin link isn't working btw. says unavailable at least

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)15:10:43

Iโ€™ll check it out later, but I donโ€™t want to lose track.

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@ibathazi is this your linkedin profile link?

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)16:10:44

People are starting to share and I want to fix this.


you have a merge conflict though


lgtm still

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)16:10:48

I think thereโ€™s a button you arenโ€™t pressing when you approve.

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)16:10:38

Itโ€™s showing blocked for merge still


hmm, not seeing any other option for me. free for a call?


i made a pr to fix a couple small things

Istvan Bathazi18:10:50

Hmm... Yes it should be correct. I will check it later from personal device

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added "refactoring databases" book to resources

Istvan Bathazi21:10:35

@jerreck.moody thanks for fixing link

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Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)15:10:13

What do you think about minimumCD and reproducible builds? I can see a point in it but is it contextual? ๐Ÿ˜„


is there any use case to have a build that isn't intended to be idempotent?

Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)15:10:05

So, there is the "immutable" artifacts in there, so that covers a lot of the benefits. I also see that there is a case of diminishing returns when there are several builds per day. The arguments for this were supply chain attacks but even then I think the solution is to NOT reproduce the build with injections.


gotcha, that makes sense