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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili00:10:13

Thanks for all the fishes and maybe we see IRL next time.

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)12:10:28

The best ideas come from Bourbon Driven Development, yโ€™all

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)12:10:15

Manifesto contributors. I moved the repo to the Minimum-CD org on Github. I ponied up $12 for Iโ€™ve added branch protection and some guidance on contributions If you care deeply about driving things forward globally, and want to help, DM and Iโ€™ll add you as a contributor.

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering03:10:43

Quick question: I have somehow got it in my head that Continuous Deployment needs to be separated from CI/CD ... as in "we are always ready to deploy, we just need to pick the right time" ... is that worth adding?

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)04:10:33

Continuous deploy means that there is no human decision required to deploy after the pipeline starts. That is the difference.

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering04:10:57

My bad with definition (I knew that but did not express it well) ... question on relevance still remains?

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)04:10:12

Oh. Gotcha. The we we have it now, either would be a possible outcome. However, I wouldn't want to deploy continuously with the bare minimum.

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili13:10:20

Great to hear. I am planning on grabbing for certified and scaled CD

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili13:10:07

โ€ข Deploy each artifact 1000 times a day.

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili13:10:12

Eventual or Occasional? Or maybe both with loud differences of opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)16:10:23

Yaโ€™ll good with this? People are starting to share and I want to fix this.

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