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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)18:10:53

We are having a BoF to discuss this and see if there any tweaks and se how many signatures we can get

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so... you accepting signatures from folks not able to make the conference this year? :D

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)18:10:43

Sure! You can still jump on Gather at 2:55 CT. 😄

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cool, will try to be there!

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)19:10:59

Want to help move the conversation forward with ubiquitous language? We are having a BoF to discuss this, see if there any tweaks, and see if anyone wants to sign in agreement

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Scott Nasello - eBay - Sr Director, Engineering Productivity19:10:09

Hey @annp - we need a table labled SRE for today's BOF cc @cleng

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:34

Hi @nasello.scott we didn't have enough time to set up a label - but we'll remind people where to find @cleng cc: @jeff.gallimore

Christof Leng (Google)19:10:22

We're at the table in the lower left corner in the birds of feather room in Gather and the #bof-sre channel.

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)19:10:11

Hello all 🙌 - the last Birds of a feather for this year on Leadership / Learning / Culture  starting in 5 minutes . Come find us on gather. #bof-leadership-culture-learning

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)20:10:43

Leadership / Learning / Culture story from Martin at Target, Australia. Join in to hear more.

Joy from Stack Overflow20:10:51

Great discussion - tips on how to get leadership buy-in right now

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)20:10:38

Justin sharing his story from Ebay around Leadership. Join in to hear more at BoF Leadership Track.

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering20:10:28

thanks for your story @justin124

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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)21:10:16

We had a great conversation on “what is minimal CD”. |

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This is so awesome! It fills a big gap in introducing folks to CD. It's pretty timely for me, personally, as well. I recently started a new gig and have been getting our exec leadership on board with CD, but it's been hard to really talk about everything involved in relation to the delivery practices they already know and are used to. I feel like the CD Manifesto is a great gateway to those concepts that doesn't require telling someone to go read four books, but does have some excellent resources for them to explore and learn more once they're hooked :D

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering21:10:52

I wanted to do a callout for @siddharth.pareek who facilitated the Birds of a Feather session on Leadership and Culture. A whole bunch of people "dropped in" for a chat at different times ... @justin124 @ccopeland @jcicmanliuzzo @catealina ... and Siddharth managed to keep the conversation flowing and everyone engaged - thanks

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