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Jessica Viels14:10:58

Day 3, let's do this! Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a 💲200 Amazon gift card. Simply click the link to enter. DOESn't get any easier than that, right? 😉 And if you are looking for THE DevOps solution for SAP, look no further! Basis Technologies provides the only complete DevOps and test automation platform engineered for SAP. Our automation software enables continuous delivery, giving businesses the agility to adapt to rapidly changing priorities and market demands. The world’s leading brands use Basis Technologies’ automation to deliver SAP change with absolute confidence and virtually no risk so they can accelerate time to market, simplify transformation, realize value fast and create amazing business outcomes. #xpo-basis-technologies

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Jim Dugger16:10:06

Day 3! Happy to answer any questions about DevOps... on SAP! Yes, it can be done!