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Cheryl Crupi13:10:13

Here’s the board from the Day 2 Agile Conversations Lean Coffee. Join us today to dig deeper into the topic of Agility!

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Brian Smith19:10:07

Where are the lean coffee links?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:06

Thank you, @paula.louise.kennedy!

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:28

Lean Coffee links for today: OKRs  | Paula Kennedy Building Internal Capability Not Consultant Dependency  | Dave Anderson &amp; Mark McCann Ways of Working  |  Cheryl Crupi

Paula Kennedy21:10:40

Here is the mural board from the Lean Coffee-Day3-OKRs session. Lots of great recommendations around reading material and tools to look into. Special thanks to @adavis432 for helping organise the epiphanies section so efficiently

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Dave Anderson21:10:43

Here's the board from the "Building Internal Capability, not Consultant Dependency" Lean Coffee. We had a great session and decided to go deep on one simple question...... What was it......? "How to say No to Consultants?" - controversial? It was a very balanced conversation!! Thanks to all the contributors!