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Cheryl Crupi00:10:25

From today’s Agile Conversations Lean Coffee. Thanks all for participating :)

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Stephan Stapel08:10:39

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your conversations!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:00

 Welcome to Lean Coffee – coming up in 5 minutes!!  OKRs  |  Robin Yeman Metrics Pitfalls  |  Andrew Davis Agile Conversations  |  Cheryl Crupi Building Internal Capability Not Consultant Dependency  | Dave Anderson &amp; Mark McCann Ways of Working  |  Denver Martin

Sean Merron - Engineering Manager - CarMax20:10:33

@paula.louise.kennedy is the OKR Lean Coffee happening? 🙂

Sean Merron - Engineering Manager - CarMax20:10:19

Or maybe it's @robinyeman 🙂 Site says Paula, Slack says Robin 🙂

Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:55

I believe that it is happening! With Robin today, Paula tomorrow, @sean_merron: )

Sean Merron - Engineering Manager - CarMax20:10:57

I was on the wrong day on the site, its Robin today. Thanks! 🙂

Sean Merron - Engineering Manager - CarMax20:10:45

ok got confirmation that OKR session is not happening today :)

Paula Kennedy20:10:33

Phew! Yep, I’m on duty tomorrow

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Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him21:10:12

Lean-Coffee - WoW Day 2 - DOES21

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Dave Anderson21:10:08

Hi all - Lean Coffee for Internal Capability Day 2 - DOES21. Yes, we went easy on the consultants....really.... Great conversation, we even hit on Wardley Maps. Conversation continues at #the-serverless-edge

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