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Kimberley Wilson11:10:07

Sorry, wasn't able to attend this time yesterday but I am very interested. Has anyone moving to an Enterprise Value Office had a success story when trying to measure and track value metrics, particularly around non-financial value? I'm also interested in how others in that Enterprise level team have managed to track value metrics without being perceived as the 'controlling centre' - if this perception happens we often don't get any value metrics as teams are too nervous about being 'told off by the centre'.

Andy Nelson14:10:40

@jonathansmart1 you probably have thoughts? And I know @bryan.finster486 is asking about measuring value - maybe he's learned something along the way that he can share?

Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]17:10:22

Yes. OKRs are a useful approach. (1) Non-financial value. The KRs in the OKRs are measures of value, leading and lagging. They are unique to context. They may have some financial measures and should have plenty of non-financial measures. e.g. customer NPS, more people who own a property, helping more people out of bad debt, number of systems decommissioned, time to onboarding, carbon emissions, etc. (2) Value Enablement Team (VET) or Value Realisation Office (VRO) as the reinvented PMO is there to coach & support the organisation on OKRs. And (a) own portfolio controls (does your OKR have a parent, is it well written, is it measurable, is it in line with strategy, etc.) and (b) ensure that the KRs are being measured and tracked, so that the data can be used to enable business agility ('are we on the track, if yes, carry on, if no, pivot')

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Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]17:10:35

More on this in chapter 5 of 'Sooner Safer Happier'. Also see 'The PMO is Dead, Long Live the PMO' DOES 18 London talk

Andy Nelson17:10:53

Thanks @jonathansmart1 - you came to mind for me when reading her question. Value can be nebulous but your framing of it has helped me. The only other thought I had was try this book - - its usually referenced by most when talking about value

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Kimberley Wilson08:10:22

Thanks everyone for the useful answers. @jonathansmart1 We've been reading Sooner Safer Happier and it has helped us move significantly forward on the OKRs and value front. I think we're approaching the point where we can now utilise some of your suggestions about tracking KRs and owning portfolio controls. Thanks for the useful steer. @isuanelson - I haven't read that book but it sounds like it's just what we need. Thanks!

Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]09:10:15

Great to hear @kimberley.wilson2!

Andy Nelson19:10:54

Good luck @kimberley.wilson2! To be fair my answer was the same as Bryan's... just ask Jon...

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