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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)19:10:48

If anyone wants to talk about “scaling frameworks vs. descaling, what to use when and why” I’ll be in BOF hoping for some good conversations.


Who doesn’t love a good conversation about Life, The Universe, and Everything? That’s the plan for the BoF on Leadership, Culture, and Learning. Hope to see you there! #bof-leadership-culture-learning

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)21:10:15

Our take on agile scaling frameworks You may be successful if: 1. You have CI as a capability. 2. You already understand agile delivery at the leadership and team levels 3. You have a mulit-team, tightly coupled system that needs high collaboration to deliver 4. You are working to decouple that system and grow beyond the scaling framework 5. You have willing participants