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Laurel Heenan12:10:56

Good morning everyone! It’s another busy and exciting day for Tasktop - here’s how you can interact with us today: Visit our virtual booth here: 🖥️ Join our live demo at 10:55am CDT and get a free t-shirt, designed exclusively for DOES attendees! 📣 Don’t miss Tasktop’s speaking session at 1:20pm CDT with Dominica DeGrandis, Tasktop Principal Flow Advisor and author of Making Work Visible, and Tashfeen Mahmood, Senior Manager of DevOps at HCSC

Laurel Heenan15:10:48

Starting in just a few minutes: LIVE TASKTOP DEMO! Want to learn more about how to go beyond DevOps with Value Stream Management? Join us and get a free t-shirt, designed exclusively for DOES attendees:

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)17:10:08

Don’t miss Dominica DeGrandis and Tashfeen Mahmood take the virtual stage at 1:20pm CDT. In this session, Dominica and Tashfeen will share insight into how HCSC teams: • Evolved to conduct experiments during their open enrolment season • Addressed missing feedback loops in their delivery engine to be more responsive to insights gained from customer experiences • Addressed feedback with fast experiments for delivering features