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Nate Blanchard, Split13:10:43

Hello 👋 Welcome to Day 2! 🎉 Here’s what we have going on today: • 🎮 • Don’t forget to, you read that right, we’re playing bingo. 🎯 • Check out our virtual booth and 📚 Want to learn more about feature flags and experimentation? We’d love to connect with you! You can request a demo or try Split for free

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Amri Abuseman - Flatiron Health, Director of Quality Engineering14:10:33

Hi @nate.blanchard - Dave's presentation yesterday resonates with the problem that we are trying solve (accelerate deployment, while controlling release based on customer readiness/platform stability). I'm planning to share it with my team as we plan for 2022. How do I get in touch with Split once we are ready to POC?

Nate Blanchard, Split14:10:59

Hi @amri.abuseman! Thanks for reaching out, I’d be very happy to get you in touch with the right person. I’ll be reaching out to you directly.

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Nate Blanchard, Split19:10:32

Don’t forget to enter our raffle for an Oculus Quest 2! You can register

Nate Blanchard, Split22:10:49

Who’s ready for Happy Hour? :man-raising-hand::woman-raising-hand::woman-raising-hand: Us too! Join Split for a prize-filled game of bingo after the conference. Join us

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Urvi Trivedi22:10:39

what is the passcode to join?

Anshul Dubey22:10:45

What's the meeting passcode?