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Nate Blanchard, Split15:10:23

Hello 👋 Welcome to the Split channel! Here’s what we have going on at DOES 2021: • • Don’t forget to  • Check out our virtual booth and Want to learn more about feature flags and experimentation? We’d love to connect with you!

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Mark Peters15:10:31

Morning, happy that you are offering Agile Conversations, have a copy on my desk and refer to it frequently

Nate Blanchard, Split16:10:44

Hi @tiny.mpetersii — I’m happy to hear this! You should definitely

Nate Blanchard, Split18:10:08

Hi Everyone! for Dave Karow’s talk “A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery” which is starting now!

Nate Blanchard, Split18:10:41

Welcome all! For those of you who just joined us for Dave’s Talk, @dave.karow will be here in the Split channel to answer any questions you may have.

Dave Karow (Split - Sr. Progressive Delivery Advocate)18:10:53

Just back from my talk… Happy to take more Q’s here!

Dave Karow (Split - Sr. Progressive Delivery Advocate)18:10:47

@nate.blanchard A few folks were asking about the slides from my presentation. I know they’ll be posted in the Video Library here on the ITRev platform, but I’m pretty sure we plan to send them out to folks that enter the drawing in our booth too.

Nate Blanchard, Split22:10:59

We’re just moments away from our Happy Hour and AMA with the authors of Agile Conversations, @ds and @jtf! 🍻