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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)16:10:47

Don’t miss author of the best-selling book Project to Product, Dr. Mik Kersten, take the virtual stage at 1:20pm CDT focusing on DevOps. and OKRs! In this session, Mik will cover: • Lessons learned from large-scale transformations that leveraged OKRs and Flow Metrics to create an end-to-end organizational wide feedback loop • Pitfalls that snapped some organizations back into the waterfall ways of measuring delivery • Combining OKRs and Flow Metrics to accelerate transformation while empowering teams

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Mik Kersten (Project to Product, Tasktop)17:10:28

And feel free to post any additional questions on Project to Product, Flow, ORKs, here!

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)18:10:43

Dr. Mik Kersten's presentation is happening now. Join the discussion on the ask-the-speaker-track-2 channel :)