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Emily Hart16:10:56

Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining us at DevOps Enterprise Summit US! Hope you can join our session today:! Session begins at 1:50 PM CDT. See you there!

Emily Hart18:10:51

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Emily Hart18:10:02

🖥️ - with @p.bruce There’s no question that enterprises today want to further integrate continuous performance testing into automated pipelines. However, many are finding it difficult to reconcile the mismatched clock-speed of testing with today’s accelerated pace of development/delivery. Tune into Paul Bruce’s session to learn*,* among other things, the key steps to continuous performance testing in DevOps: • Gather the right metrics to assess your gaps Prioritize, then systematize across your application portfolio • Plan for acceleration across the whole delivery cycle Design concrete measurements with the end in mind • Pick the right targets to automate Make scripting easy for multiple teams Develop performance pipelines • Use dynamic infrastructure for test environments Ensure trustworthy go-no-go decisions Session is starting now in #ask-the-speaker-track-4, see you there!

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